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a mother and her baby rolling out of a moving car on the beltway, this a dramatic end to a carjacking overnight. more details coming up on fox 5. an update on the phone hacking scandal in the u.k. were any americans among those targeted by the british tabloid? fox 5 morning news continues right now. let's take a look outside this morning. excited for this day as we're starting to see more color in the skies. it is thursday morning, july 14, 2011. good morning. thanks for waking up with fox 5 morning news. i'm steve chenevey.
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i'm sarah simmons. welcome to fox 5 morning news. let's check in with tony perkins. we love to hear about this forecast. >> keep talking, tony. >> i love to talk about it because it's going to be a good one. finally we have some relief as expected coming in here today. it's already started. more comfortable temperatures and humidity levels and pretty sky as you saw there from the live shot. let's take a look at our satellite radar composite. we can show you that our skies have for all intents and purposes cleared out. might be a couple of clouds on the horizon but that's about it. not a bad start to the day. all right, we'll skip over the satellite radar. these are your temperatures. right now it's 71 degrees in washington. 68 degrees in baltimore and 64 at dulles airport. forecast for today we'll see plenty of sunshine. look for a high today around 85 degrees and lower humidity as well. a little bit breezy, too. winds about 10 to 15 miles an hour. enjoy the day, folks. going to be a good one. >> thank you, tony. let's check in with julie wright with a look at traffic. >> reporter: you give tony all
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the attention. i've been sucking about sunny and 58 since january -- 85 since january 2. >> it feels good. >> reporter: yes. and the hair is looking good, too. ingthe volume is increasing as you head in on 66 from ma fast a sas. 9 -- manassas. 95 starting to slow across the occoquan. the outer loop still in tip top shape. no problems to report at college park. 95 southbound quiet. inbound 50 at speed leaving annapolis heading for the beltway. that's a check of your fox a on- time traffic. new this morning, a carjacking in baltimore sets off a wild chase in our area. it all started around 10:00 last night. police say a man carjacked a lexus from a baltimore gas station with a young mother an her 21-month-old baby still in the car. they came down interstate 95,
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sideswiped a state trooper at route 212. the mother and her baby then ended up rolling out of the vehicle and on to the beltway in the cabin john area. police arrested the suspect just moments later. the mom and her infant are both okay. turning to the economy now and another round of debt talks at the white house later today. the president getting tough with republicans warning them he's not bluffing when he says he'll veto any short-term budget fix. last night he abruptly walked out saying, quote, enough is enough rejecting republican demands to accept a short-term extension of the borrowing limit. john boehner describing the frustration as quote, dealing with them the last couple months has been like dealing with jello. some days it's firmer than others. sometimes it's like they've left it out overnight. democratic leader nancy pelosi says she's had to deal with the issue when president bush was in office. if lawmakers don't raise the debt ceiling, moody's is threatening to lower the credit
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rating. they will review the federal government's aaa bond rating because the president and lawmakers are running out of time. they have less than three weeks to raise the borrowing limit. much more on all of this just minutes away when we head to new york for today's business piece. to some of the other top stories we're following. the city of mumbai is on high alert after coordinated terror attacks last night. three bombs exploded within minutes of each other leaving at least 17 dead and more than 130 injured. it is the worst terrorist attack in india since the mumbai siege in 2008 that killed 166 people. officials say there was no intelligence warning of a possible attack. rupert murdoch has been called to testify before parliament about the phone hacking scandal surrounding his british newspaper. the committee also wants to hear from his son james and the former editor of news of the world. those hearings are set for next week. meanwhile, there are reports victims of 9/11 may have been
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targeted as well. senator jay rockefeller from west virginia said if there was any phone hacking of americans, the cons defenses will be -- consequences will be severe. prime minister david cameron also promised to investigate those claims and says he's appointed a senior judge to lead the inquiry. >> there is -- [ inaudible ] engulfing parts of the media, parts of the police and our political system's ability to respond. >> new this morning, scotland yard announced its seventh arrest related to this scandal. so far no one has been charged. all this is unfolding as murdoch's news corps decided to withdraw its bid to take over british sky broadcasting. of course news corps is the parent company of fox 5. marion barry's son facing drug charges this morning. chris barry was arrested back in may after police were called to his apartment because after fight. officers claim they found pcp and five sandwich bags of marijuana. they say the younger barry jumped out of the window to
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avoid police. they later arrested him when he returned home. chris barry is charged with possession with intent to distribute. his father councilman barry had no comment. he's been building the suspense but soon sarah palin have have -- will have to make her intentions made one way or another. we'll have new details coming up after the break. wild video making the rounds online. a fisherman wrestling with a shark. find out how it all played out when fox 5 morning news continues.
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sarah palin says she'll announce her decision to run for president by late summer. the former alaska governor says she thinks she can beat president obama. she'll decide on her white house bid in late august or early september. the roger clemens perjury trial picks back up this morning. during opening statements yesterday, prosecutors said needles that clemens' former
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trainer claims he used to inject the pitcher tested positive for clemens' d.n.a. and anabolic steroids. defense attorneys maintain the evidence is fake. clemens has said his trainer only injected him with vitamin d12 and a common anesthetic. clemens is accused of lying to congress steroids. some scary moments for a pair of fishermen in california. one of them fights off a shark. they were in their kayaks when they reeled in this. they wanted to take a picture with the prize chasm but the smash want -- shark but the shark wasn't so photogenic. they fought with the catch for the next 30 minutes trying to avoid being bit. >> once you're in the water it's a whole different scenario. at any moment that shark could have afternooned up and -- arched up and taken out an achilles. >> i was afraid i lost a real, a rod. i forgot if i tied neferg down.
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to tell you -- everything down. to tell you the triewpt i was ter -- the truth, i was terrifed a lost a bunch of stuff. >> the man's only injury was a cut on his finger from one of the shark's teeth. >> after all that struggle, just let it go. >> find a new rod. let it go. >> i think so he's very lucky for sure. if d.c. had an official cocktail, what would it be? you're about to find out straight ahead on fox 5. a commuter alert for you and yes, it involves metro. shocker. entire metro stations shut down for days. coming up, what metro says you should be happy about. it's 6:11. 
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it's 6:14 on this thursday. today france is marking bastille day o. this day in
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1789, parisians stormed the bastille prison releasing prisoners inside sparking the french revolution. july is now the month of the ricky, the soon to be named cocktail. the ricky is made with gin or whiskey, fresh lime juice and club soda. it was invented in 1883 at a bar once frequented by politicians and journalists. the j.w. marriott hotel now sits on that site. >> i had no idea. it sounds very refreshing. a little bit of lime juice, a little bit of gin or whiskey. we should have a taste test or something. a little early for that. not a bad day to have like a nice cold beverage. >> it's going to be a nice day. i think a lot of people are going to be grabbing lunch outdoors today and tomorrow. we're going to see the nicest conditions we've had in a while. let's take a look at the weather headlines and we'll show you how we're getting started today. a look outside and you'll know.
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there's the sun. no haze. that's right. sunny skies this morning and through the day today. the extreme heat and the humidity take a break. they're out of here for a couple of days. that's nice. we'll take that nice little break. the weekend looks great right now. comfortable temperatures. i don't think we'll get rain over the course of the weekend and lower humidity for the most part. then the heat does return next week as we'll see some of those temperatures return to the 90s. here's a look at the satellite radar for the region. really not much to show you. we've got clear skies across the area. look how much clear sky there is. high pressure settling into the region. the mid-atlantic, the northeast, the ohio valley, places like that. still some storminess across the upper midwest but that won't be able to make its way in here. that will have to go around the ridge of high pressure. winds, that's going to be a bit after story today. not going to be particularly windy but it will be breezy. oh, we have temperatures first. 69 -- if these were winds that would be a different story. 69 degrees is your current temperature in washington as
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our temps continue to drop off. 66 in baltimore. 61 at dulles. fredricksburg 64 degrees. the winds, 9 mile per hour winds right now in d.c. 8 in baltimore. 5 in fredricksburg. so not particularly significant but it will be breezy during the course of the day today. that's why we put it up there. lower humidity, sunshine, 85 degrees. yes, below normal, believe it or not. not bad at all. then for tonight we're going to see clear skies, comfortable temperatures. overnight low in town the mid 60s. low 60s outside of town. not bad at all. then your five-day forecast i've not present add better five-day to you for a long time. take a look. tomorrow sunny and 86. same for saturday. the heat begins to creep back in on sunday. maybe a little more humid as well. and then the heat and some humidity return on monday. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. now here's one woman who is sure to enjoy today's forecast. ladies, julie wright. >> reporter: absolutely. no complaining on this end. i'll say good morning to the
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crew in sky fox. they're joining us today hovering above the beltway in silver spring. as you work your way westbound headed towards georgia avenue lanes are open. the pace not so bad right now. we had slow traffic between university boulevard and colesville road. 95 is in the clear between laurel and the beltway. northbound bw parkway, things clear a. nice start right now the top side of the beltway traveling it bethesda and college park. let's take it back inside and update the road at the 14th street bridge. traffic continues across the potomac headed for the southeast-southwest freeway. we have an incident just at the point where the express lanes merge in from the left to go across the 14th street bridge. that's where we had the incident and is tying up our commute. you want to move over to the right so it's heavy volume crossing over the potomac. no incidents to report on northbound 95. traffic slow out of woodbridge heading into springfield. coming in from the west the
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brakes on 66 and 123 to vienna metro. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. fox 5 monitoring metro for you. you can expect some major headaches if you ride the rails beginning next month. the transit agency is shutting down metro stations for the entire weekend for repairs. the twin brook, white flint, grovener medical center. closures will affect every line at various times. metro says it allows them to get work done faster and safe gler metro has made a lot of empty promises. for instance, i work in foggy bottom. they said the escalator would be done may 2011 but the escalator just opened this past monday and we're in july. >> people are going to feel inconvenienced and voice that on the weekends they're inconvened. we know that. >> red line will have five stations closed in late august. we set up a link to the construction project and the scheduled closures on
6:20 am some good news for your bag tax money. it's paying off for some community organizations now as the city has awarded nearly $1 million in grants now to groups that help restore local waterways. another $300,000 going to private firms who do the same type of work. the projects will start at end of the summer. in the meantime city officials say bag usage is down some 80%. >> good news there. an urgent message from moody's to washington. fix the debt. what else is the credit rating agency warning about? our consumer habits changing amid concerns of the economy. which stores are actually benefiting from it? we'll found out as our business beat is straight ahead. coming up later this hour, a smartphone app that can make you some money. this upcoming season, senior year for many of your favorite glee characters. what's going to happen after graduation? well, the cast may look a little different. fox 5 morning news will be right back.  [ male announcer ] nature is unique...
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it's now 6:24 on this thursday morning. moody's sending washington an urgent message. yesterday we reported that consumer finance was looking up but the lower consumer confidence rating in more than two years now out. let's go to new york for fox business we. had a did day on the markets yesterday. >> we had a very good day on the markets. good morning, steve. the dow was up by 160 points at one point but that faded and we ended the day up about 40 or so yesterday. ben bernanke spoke. we all know when he speaks, everybody license. what he said was relatively -- listens. what he said was relatively positive. he said the gun that the central bank holds is fought out of bullet -- is not out of bullets. what that means is further stimulus is necessary. >> i know you have wall street. we have something called congress down here.
6:25 am
moody's getting involved in the latest saying let's get this fixed. what does this mean for us? >> standard and poors warned in april and after the market closed we heard from moody's the rating service saying the u.s. debt need as solution or the u.s.'s stellar, pristine aaa credit rating we've had since 1917 would be on review for a possible downgrade and of course that would be catastrophic. but moody's is not just warning on the u.s.'s bond rating. also bank about fannie mae and freddie mac and several of the banks backed by the government. once again today lawmakers in your town will start meeting or continue meeting to kind of hammer out some sort of deal. >> some sort is what we're hoping for. it is a daily occurrence. let's talk about consumer confidence. reports are not good when it comes to how people are feeling about spending and how much of this has to do with gas prices? >> right. 77% of us are basically saying because of the high price of gas, they've actually cut back
6:26 am
on their spending. this is according to big research. but nearly 59% of us are saying we're only buying necessities because times are so tough right now and nearly a quarter of us have cut back on the grocery bill, not buying as much when they go to the food store. food prices are up. we talk about that all the time. nearly half of us have considered purchasing things so five years down the road we're going to reevaluate our purchases and really think about them before we make them. i get that now but five years from now, that's a pretty scary to the. >> no more impulse buys. you must behave. thanks. we'll see you tomorrow morning. should parents of extremely obese children -- should the parents lose custody of their children? hear what some experts are saying. stacey cohan this morning following our top story. a strange one it s. good morning. >> reporter: -- it is good morning. >> reporter: it sure is. we have a carjacking and abduction that began in baltimore. it led to a high speed chase.
6:27 am
it all ended here at the rockville police barracks where the suspect is being held. i'll have the full story coming up. 
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♪they put a man on the moon ♪ man on the moon good morning. atlantis. this is michael from rem. we wish you much success on your mission. >> this is getting really cool. i can't wait to see who they're going to use tomorrow. the crew of the space shuttle atlantis with a wake-up call from the singer from rem. this morning he was singing their hit "man on the moon" and delivering the message. the crew working on transferring a multipurpose logistics module. this is the final mission of the shuttle program. the other day elton john with the wake-up call. now we're having them actually sing their song. >> tomorrow, can't wait. >> that's very cool.
6:31 am
i love it. let's talk weather, sir. >> all right. nice outside. great start to the day. temperatures are comfortable. humidity level is comfortable. i'm happy to bring you this forecast. let's take a look. we'll start with the current temperatures being reported around the region right now in the district. we've dropped off just 69 degrees. not bad at all. 66 up in baltimore. 61 at dulles airport. ocean city is at 72 degrees. and 72 at patuxent naval air station. here's a look at the current satellite radar. things look g. we've got clear -- look good. we've got clear skies. the storms that we had yesterday well off shore now and behind that storm, a situation we have drier air, clearer skies, and cooler conditions. and this is going to be in place for the next few days. today sunny skies, low humidity. breezy at times. 85 degrees for your high. that's a look at what's happening with the weather. coming up in about 15 minutes in lieu of today, in lieu of ask the weather guys, today
6:32 am
we're doing a special segment with our friend greg. 's going to talk to us about some of the things going on in the sky right now, including a look at an asteroid that you'll be able to see with the naked eye during the next period of time. >> cool. >> very, very cool stuff. we've got some pictures. it's really cool. >> you'll be asking the questions. we'll be asking the science guy. there is a science guy, right? >> yeah. >> no, we'll be asking another guy. >> we don't want to confuse you. >> a space guy. >> as julie the traffic lady- - >> woman. >> are you guys are questioning that. lady? woman? no. oompalooma? yeah. as you travel across the
6:33 am
american legion bridge between 270 and tysons all lanes are open. traffic is slowing on both the outer loop and inner loop. top side coming from the right side of your screen to the left is the outer loop towards the gw parkway. all lanes are open. no problems to report on the inner loop leaving tysons towards bethesda. taking it back inside we'll update the road southbound on 270. easy drive out of germantown headed down into rockville. no complaining here. outer loop is starting to slow university boulevard to colesville road. authorities are checking for a crash bw parkway between the beltway and greenville road. around the d.c. line as traffic merges in from the express lanes, have an accident tying up the left side of the roadway which means the main line is congested before the pentagon. that's a check of your fox 5 on- time traffic. our stop story this morning, a carjacking in baltimore sets off a wild chase and a daring escape in our region. >> the drama stretched on to 95 into beltway. it ended in the cabin john area. stacey cohan is live with the
6:34 am
details. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. the suspect in this carjacking is being held at the rockville police station. the car involved here at the station. it all started last night just after 10:00 when apparently a 24-year-old woman was with her 21-month-old baby. they were filling up at a gas station when the suspect approached. it's 22-year-old teron white. he forced his way into the car according to witnesses and sped off with the woman and baby still inside the car. he apparently sideswiped at least one car while he was leaving the gas station and then as he continued down 95, he also managed to strike a state police trooper which was on the shoulder of the road as part of a construction work zone. white continued driving on the beltway. when he reached the area of connecticut avenue, he was spotted by yet another police trooper. he seemed to be driving erratically exceeding speeds of 100 miles an hour at time. at other times slowing to less than 20 miles per hour. at one point the car door of this 1995 black lexus appeared
6:35 am
to be hanging open. unclear whether or not the people inside were opening it or if it was just damaged as part of the various collisions with which this car had now been involved. at any rate by the time they made it to the cabin john area, the car slowed down and the woman and infant jumped out of the car and into the roadway. white apparently stopped the vehicle just a short distance later and was arrested and brought here to the rockville police barracks. he's currently being interviewed. police in baltimore want to question him as welch the mother and insignificant -- as well. the mother and infant were treated an released from the local hospital. numerous charges are pending. >> thank you very much. in the district there is a new way to fight crime but not everybody is on board with this. for weeks now, fire and ems crews have been sent to potential crime hot spots around the city to be a visible presence there. yesterday they were fanned out to coincide with the first payday for participants of the summer youth employment program. that's because in the past the kids have been the target of robberies since they're able to withdraw their pay from atms
6:36 am
and banks. the firefighters union disagrees with the move fearing for the safety of its men and women. a downright disturbing end for the search of a missing 8- year-old boy in brock line, new york. police found the remains of leiby kletzky stuffed in a freezer inside the suspect's home and in a dumpster two miles away. the boy had been missing since walking home from a day camp in his jewish orthodox neighborhood on monday. police arrested 35-year-old levi aron. investigators believe the boy asked him for directions when he got lost. making headlines around the world this morning, simultaneous terror attacks in the indian city of mumbai killed at least 17. but u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton says last night's bombings will not stop her from visiting india next week. three bombs went off right after each other just as the evening rush was getting in full swing. it targeted the financial
6:37 am
capital. police have no leads and no group is taking responsibility so far. do you blog? do you tweet? do you check in from your mobile phone? if so you could be making money off of your posts. we'll show you how to do that when we head to the smartphone zone coming up. this upcoming season is senior year for many of your favorite flee characters. what happened -- glee characterrers. what happens after graduation? we're going to find out. fox 5 morning news will be right back. 
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back now with a health alert. two highly respected doctors have come up with a radical idea to solve the nation's childhood obesity problem. their opinion piece suggests children could be taken away by the state if they have severe health problems. and that putting kids temporarily in foster care could be more ethical that obesity surgery. fox 5 talked with the code director of the obesity
6:41 am
institute to get his idea on this. >> i think the most effective strategy is for taking care of these children, include the parents rather than exclude the parents. so a treatment plan that includes parental input is much more likely to succeed than one where we remove the child from the family home. >> there are an estimated two million extremely obese children. we want to hear your opinion on this idea. go to our facebook page. we're going to share some of those comments coming up at 7:15 this morning. how would you like to make some extra cash on the side? there is a smartphone application that can make it possible and the company that owns it just went public this week. >> sign me up. some of the top users say they bring in hundreds of dollars a month, and it's all based on checking in from your phone and some other minor tanks. we take the smartphone zone on the road to show you how it all works. >> we are in tinley town this
6:42 am
morning. we took the smart zone phone on the road. i'm joined by a special guest from we reward. it's an app. this is the creator ted murphy. thank now joining me this morning. >> my pleasure. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we reward app, it's like when you check into any of the other apps but now you get paid for it. you're already doing that work if you check into other apps so you want to try to get a little compensation. tell us how it works. >> basically there's 15 million businesses that you can check into. and when you open up your we reward app, it will list locations in your area. so we have a bunch of them down in this area right here. the starbucks -- >> reporter: we're in front of starbucks, panera bread over here, best buy. >> absolutely. so basically it's a pretty simple process. you would look for the starbucks opportunity here. we need to take a picture of you with your starbucks cup. so we would snap the button
6:43 am
here. we would share that out to twitter and face boong and four square -- facebook and four square. if you're already using those social networks, it just layers right on top and you would earn 50 cents for taking that picture. >> reporter: they'll give you these requests, we want a picture or we want you to do this or that? >> right. for every opportunity that's out there, there will be specific instructions. some of them are places. some of them are products. so anything from buying something at a grocery store or electronic store and then other things like apps so you can get paid for downloading apps. >> reporter: that's pretty easy. tell me a little bit about yourer role. the main company is called idea. >> idea is -- our whole thing is to help people make money from social media. so we have a platform called sponsored which allows people to earn money if they have a twitter account. we have a platform that allows bloggers to earn money for
6:44 am
blogging about advertising. >> reporter: everything that you do, it is labeled as advertising so nothing shady going on here. >> nothing shady going on here. what we're trying to do is basically connect advertisers with people who are trading social media concepts and allow them to earn some money. >> reporter: it is the wave of the future. >> it is the future. >> reporter: this little picture we just took, that's going to get me some cash. >> right. absolutely. >> reporter: and we've got all this information on just head there. the we reward app available on an droid, iphone and blackberry. it's free. if you're a business interested in advertising, you can head to the >> or you can go right to we >> reporter: we'll post that on look under the morning page for the smart zone. >> when you submit a photo to a company, they can use it however they wish. ted murphy says he hasn't add any complaints but it's
6:45 am
something to keep in mind. >> good advice. as far as the money you earn f could take three days -- earn, it could take three days to register to your account and you can cash out using papal. let's check in with mr. perkins. we want to make sure everybody is awake. >> dramatic effect. >> dramatic improvement in our forecast. >> yes, it is. you know it already if you've stepped outside or even looked outside because we don't have the haze we had over recent days. heat and humidity has packed a bag and is taking a little vacation. going elsewhere. we're not going to be dealing it for a while. so that is good. here's a look at the current temperatures around the region. right now we are at 69 degrees here in the nation's capital. stephensville, maryland is at 68. beautiful annapolis 72 degrees this hour. 61 at dulles airport and 64 in fredricksburg. here's a look at the local light. we've -- local satellite. we've got fine conditions, mostly clear skies.
6:46 am
nice blue skies with the sunrise we had an hour ago and we've got calm conditions all across the eastern united states. this will be our weather for the next few days. high pressure dominates so quiet, dry, cooler air in place as well. so let's take a look at a five- day forecast and show you how things are going to be shaping up. not just today but for the next several days. today beautiful. lower humidity. a little breezy, sunny and 85. not bad at all. then for tomorrow more of the same. 86 with sunshine. the weekend looks great. i do think we'll start to warm up on sunday. maybe get a little more humidity in here on sunday. then the heat returns next week when we will be back into the low 90s. that's a look at the weather. it is now time for ask weather guy. a special edition. this of course the segment where tucker barnes and i put our heads together to answer your most pressing questions weather related or otherwise. we put our heads together to ask some questions. >> this is a big time astronomy question.
6:47 am
>> a national spacecraft is scheduled to begin orbiting vesta. dawn has been heading there since 2007. this is the first visit to what's called a protoe planet. the pictures are expected to give valuable clues as to how planets are formed. here is our good friend, our sky blogger at good to see you. thanks for coming in. did we summarize it okay? >> perfectly as always. >> vesta this is a big deal. this is the second largest asteroid in the asteroid belt? >> yes. it's one of ying and yang. you have vesta and then the second asteroid that's got about twiez the size and it -- twice the size and it has a 60- mile deep layer of water. so you've got one proto planet that's very, very dry covered by volcanic lava. then you've got another one
6:48 am
that's got maybe water bearing minerals on it and a 6 on-mile deep -- 60-mile deep water well. we want to find out more about each of these planets. >> what are we looking for whether we study asteroids? >> we want to find out what's the composition of the asteroid. asteroids in the asteroid belt between mars and jupiter, you have literally thousands of pieces of space rock. all it is an astronomical construction zone that never got to put together a planet. you have all these little pieces and vesta is one of the largest. because of jupiter being nearby, they couldn't come together gravitational. jupiter was a big disrupter. we have the asteroid belt w. these two visa and -- with these two, vesta and cirrus, what is the role of size and water in the evolution of
6:49 am
planets. that's the who mission-- >> the whole mission. >> i have a question. >> i want to show pictures. we have pictures already of vesta. these are some of the images. i've seen a clearer image. are these from dawn? >> those are from the approach way back when. they just took one on july 1. and then they're getting ready when they go into orbit to start putting the cameras in place once they check out the engineering. but we have seen nothing yet because at its closest, we're only going to be 120 miles above the surface. >> wow. >> so we're going to be up close and personal with vesta. >> i saw star wars back in the day. if i remember, they went to the asteroid belt and had to do a lot of avoiding of the asteroids. >> star wars aside, it's a big place. there's a lot of stuff but because space is so big, little dawn is able to make its way in there without being in too much danger of an impact.
6:50 am
it's also traveling relative to the speed of the objects in the asteroid belt. hopefully they're able to tell if there's anything enroute that may be a problem. space is a big place so dawn should survive okay. >> speaking of dawn, i don't know -- how big is dawn and tell us how it got there because it's a long way for it to travel. >> it's about the size of a very small car. the thing that make it is big are the solar panels. they're large because they have to collect a lot of solar energy to be able to power the ion propulsion engine. this is out of "star trek." if i were to take this piece of paper, this is about the amount of thrust. the weight of this paper is the amount of thrust that this engine puts on the spacecraft. when you do that for four years, it enables you to go 1.7 billion miles. there's no way a normal chemical rocket could -- we could carry enough fuel.
6:51 am
we can't do it. so we're able to turn this engine on and off, get to vesta, go into orbit for a year, crank on that engine again, and start heading out to saries. it went into space on a big rocket, gives it the initial boost but they kicked in an ion engine and it's been cooking for four years. >> we have one minute left. do you have some video that we want to show and we want to see this meteorite as well. >> vesta won't be super bright. it will look like a background star. i'll have something on the blog so people know where to look in the sky t. is kind of cool. it's like when mercury went in in march with messenger. we'll see where it was in the sky. when we've got that little spacecraft on around vesta, we'll be able to see it in the
6:52 am
sky and now dawn's there. >> this is animation of what vesta might look like. what do you have in your hands? >> what we have here is an actual piece of vesta. we know vesta has undergone severe impact masting this stuff out in -- blasting this stuff out in space. we've been fortunate enough to have these pieces of space work that has fallen through the atmosphere as a shooting star, been found in the northwest african desert. we know it came from vesta because scientists studying the composition of this meteorite have been able to match it to the composition of vesta. so this is vesta in my hand. >> on the back it said from vesta. >> made in space. >> fascinating stuff. greg writes the sky blog column at you can check it out. also associated with george mason university where they have a brand new 32-inch
6:53 am
telescope. >> we'll have to get you out there for maybe a nighttime segment of the weather guy. >> would love it. that would be great. >> thanks a lot. >> exciting stuff. we'll get new pictures from vesta coming up soon. that's it for the weather guys. if you have some questions you want to ask, send them -- just go to thank you, sir. we appreciate it. >> thank you. now we go to julie wright. >> reporter: we've got a lot going on right now. let me take you into virginia. route 1 at longview drive, this is where we had reports of an accident involving a pedestrian. the crew is live over the scene. the northbound traffic jammed up badly from featherstone road towards route 1 at longview. we have the left turn lane blocked off at the scene. for a while we had all lanes blocked. it's a left turn lane that remains closed at the scene.
6:54 am
southbound we've got activity blocking the left lane there as well. again northbound in the direction of our rush hour commute, traffic is gridlock at this point from feather stone towards longview. more news to talk about. 395 coming across the 14th street bridge. i talked to angie. they tells me on the d.c. end of the bridge, there's a steel grate there. unfortunately it's starting to sink. we have what appears to be a sinkhole starting to form into d.c. near the 14th street bridge. express lanes are congested at globe road. that's a check of your fox 5 on time traffic. >> thank you very much. another shake-up on the fox hit show glee. a couple big stars on the way out including the biggest, leah michele, the latest star to get the boot from the show. she will be leaving the show after graduation. now, the deal is that's not going to be until the end of the next season. season three starts this fall. also chris culfer going to make
6:55 am
a permanent exit at the same time. both chris and leah thought it was a good idea to leave after graduation and says the characters are leaving for the integrity of the show. the third season of glee which does include all of those characters will start september 20 on fox 5. we talked about it before the marine corps ball this year could be a star studded affair. >> after convincing by justin timberlake, mila kunis accepted an invite station and now timber -- invitation and now timberlake has an n.f.l. station of his own. >> i'm going to call you out and ask you to come to the marine corps ball with me on november 12 in washington, d.c. if you can't go, i'll -- [indiscernible] >> just continue timberlake has -- justin timberlake has not responded just yet but best of luck to kelsey desantis. >> it will be star studded.
6:56 am
one of broadway's biggest hits is on tour. >> "rock of ages" is playing at the national theater. holly takes us behind the scenes. we'll check in with her coming up in the next hour. stay with us.
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
we want to say good morning to our facebook fan of the day. happy birthday to you. now over to alison joining steve. >> good morning sarah thank you so much. coming up, a carjacking in baltimore sets off a wild chase ending in our area. inside that vehicle a young mother and her baby police now have a suspect in cust can i. details on the dramatic end. firefighters may have a new job why you may now see crews in fire trucks, patrolling

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